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Most bands claim to be the #1 band in the country, which is a bit of a joke, but no other band claims to be “ The Most Entertaining Band in Ireland “ as quite simply there is no band on the scene that compares to The Jackpots.

As TodayFm themselves said “Fantastic live wedding band.  One of a kind “

The Jackpots are a premium Wedding Band from Ireland. We have many years experience in wedding entertainment, and guarantee that all will have a fantastic day and nights entertainment.

The band take a very professional approach to each unique wedding and they realise the importance of having everything perfect for your big day.

Therefore the band determine in advance, by means of a booking form, all relevant information that will aid them to select the most appropriate music for your wedding.

Every show is unique and the band have tailored packages that are made to suit your very own requirements. The Jackpots can provide the right band size to suit your special day, be it a three piece to a five piece band.

The services we provide include: Church Ceremony, Cocktails & Champagne Drinks Reception and DJ Service.


There are no upcoming showcases - Stay Tuned.


We don't feel we should list all the songs that we play. What you need to know is that most bands will play 30 or 40 songs in their set. Bumblebee Honey will play at least 70 songs as we worked hard to create the best live song medleys in the business.
You name it and we will play it.... but we have to let you know we dropped Barry Manilow from the set as it was too cheesy for us.
Sinatra to Faithless and ACDC to Aha. WE HAVE IT ALL


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