Almost every industry will have an association group. Why? Because an association will protect its members and also create a lobbying group which will benefit all members in the association.

See the benefits of becoming a WBA member below

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  1. The Wedding Band Association has generated endless amount of enquiries for its members. All members also get a link directly to their website which is hosted on the members page. This creates better SEO for each member and generated enquires and interest.

2. The WBA have teamed up with Music Maker Dublin who are currently offering all WBA members a discount on any purchases made in the store or online. This is just one connection of many that The WBA has to offer its members.

3. The Association has set up an internal forum which allows its members to chat and network together. Many members have benefited from networking together and secured bookings in doing so. Networking is always a positive and our real time chat forums are of great benefit.

4. The WBA will protect and divide its members from other bands that act in a dishonest fashion, the WBA divides itself from rogue traders within the wedding band industry. We want to protect couples from getting duped. We want to ensure that couples get what they originally booked upon viewing.

5. The WBA also gives its members a stamp of approval and with out any doubt will encourage  couples in search of a wedding band to book a WBA member.

6. The WBA creates a great sense of community amongst its members and this alone gives great strength and power to the association.