In order to become a member of The Wedding band association you must agree to the following terms and conditions. 

1. To become a member you must submit a link to your online promotional video.

2. Three real testimonials from previous weddings you performed at. These testimonials will be followed up by the WBA council.

3. You must provide proof that the band has a registered domain name for at least 12 months.

4. Each band listed on this site must operate as one band for one wedding and none of the listed bands will perform at multiple weddings on the same date under the same name.

5. The band that the couple book are the band that should turn up on the night. This should include the same musicians and singers. If the band have a change of singer then the couple must be notified in advance of their wedding.

6. It is with understanding that a musician might fall sick and in this case the band should always have a stand in musician to cover and inform the couple if this situation might arise.

7.  Once your registration is successful we will forward you the badge which should be placed on your website with a link back to Becoming a WBA member is an invaluable seal of approval and in ensures a quality of service that every couple deserve.

8. If any band is found to be in breach of the WBA Code of Ethics and Professional standards, their membership shall be immediately terminated and they will be forced to remove the badge of professional endorsement from their website.

9. The WBA are not responsible in the case that a defamation transpires from one of its members.

10. All members must agree to operate in a manner that is transparent and truthful. No member should undertake to defraud, undermine or deceive any potential patrons or other members

11.  A report card is made available for legitimate reports to be submitted. If a report is made about a WBA member and is verified as valid, then your membership will be terminated. The report card will always be a safety net to ensure all couples that all WBA members will work to the ethos and terms and conditions laid out by the association. Its the WBA guarantee.

Click HERE to become a WBA member.