Choosing A Wedding Band

Where do you start in your search for a great Wedding Band? 

Whats most important is that you ensure the band you book at the showcase or public event is the band you get on the night of your wedding and we mean the band, not just the singer.

Just ask “Will this be the band that i get on the night of my wedding?”

If the answer is “NO”, then ask why?

NOTE: A great band is a collective unit, its not just a singer.  The band are the backbone to ensuring a full dance floor. From the drums and bass to the guitarist and keyboard player and so on.  You book a band on what you see, so this is what you should get. No excuses or reasons why you might not get the band viewed should be excepted. This is part of the reason we encourage you to book a WBA member.

Word of Mouth

In a lot of cases word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find out about a great wedding band. If you have no recommendation then a simple google search for a Wedding Band will provide you with an endless list. There are also websites that will list an array of suppliers: Weddingsonline | mrs2be | one fab day, these sites can be very useful as they also host forums where people leave comments about lots of different topics. There are links provided below for these platform websites.

  • Do your research. The band is a vital component of any wedding day. You want to make sure you’re booking someone who sounds great, is trustworthy and won’t let you down. Make use of forums, sites, word of mouth.
  • It is always a good idea to go and see a live performance of any band you are thinking of booking. Most bands will hold monthly showcases. Some bands will allow viewing at weddings while others won’t. In most cases you might feel more comfortable viewing the band in a showcase environment.

  • Putting down a deposit when booking a band can help, as this means that the band is now committed to play your wedding on the date specified and no performance clashes should occur.

  •  Every band is different. They will have different policies on deposits, different set lists and performance times and their own stipulations regarding contracts, so it is imperative that you do your research. However you can be certain each and every member of the Wedding Band Association of Ireland is adhering to the Code of Conduct outlined on this site, so it’s important to make sure the band you book is accredited.
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