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The Lol’s wedding band is one of Irelands most sought after groups for weddings up and down the country. We like to think that we have mastered the art of performance to an extremely high level and could not have done so without each and every one of the Brides and Grooms who have supported us throughout the years. For this we thank you!

The Lol’s Wedding Band are an energetic and vastly entertaining live music group that take great pride in performing for newly weds and their guests up and down the country. Every member of the band strives to deliver top-notch musical performances at each and every venue we perform, ensuring guests and even venue staff experience entertainment at it’s very best.

As an experienced group of performers, we take great care to regularly update our set list and learn new songs. We love nothing more than spending an evening together rehearsing and will go to great lengths to remain current, relevant and of course entertaining at all times.

As a close-knit group, some of us with families of our own and having celebrated our own weddings, we realise the absolute importance of professionalism on your big day. We know that a band that sets up and operates like a well oiled machine will ensure a seamless transition for venue staff and guests – at this stage we have it down to a fine art!

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