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The Panoramics are have been playing together for almost 10 years.  This means we’ve developed a sound that’s focused and exciting, a sound that can’t easily be reproduced.  We come to every gig with energy that lifts the audience and without fail gets everyone on the dance floor.

We try to play music that we love…. quite difficult when the bride is screaming for Westlife! We get around that, however, by bombarding the audience with a set full of classic tunes. Stuff like Elvis,The Smiths,The Cure, The Rolling Stones,  The Jam, Talking Heads, The Strokes, Bruce Springsteen, Joy Division, and loads more right up to modern day hits from the likes of George Ezra and The Lumineers.

The Panoramics have played at hundreds of weddings and functions to thousands of people, cementing their reputation as one of the best cover bands around! We’re a good bet for a knees up.

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