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Wedding Bands Ireland – The WBA is the “ONLY – Official Website For Irish Wedding Bands”

The (WBA) Wedding Bands Association is a collective of the finest Wedding Bands Ireland, the WBA was set up to help protect couples in their search of finding a professional, quality and trustworthy wedding band to play at their wedding.

The WBA promotes exceptional professional and ethical standards in order to inspire customer and client confidence and enhance the reputation and interests of the Association and its Members.

Rules and standards have been set out by the WBA which all members follow and in turn, will give couples a sense of security when booking a WBA membered band.

When Your Googling for “wedding bands Ireland” look out for the WBA Badge on websites For 2017

The WBA – Our Wedding Bands Members Core Value

  • One Band | One Wedding Per calendar date
  • The Band you Book upon original viewing is the Band you get on the night of your wedding


Why should you book a WBA Wedding Band member?

Booking a Wedding Bands Ireland is probably a first for you. The Wedding band association of Ireland are here to offer you free advice and give you guidance during the process of booking a wedding band.

We are also here to protect you against rogue trading with-in the Wedding band industry.

For us it’s simple, you should get what you paid for IE: The band you view at the showcase or public performance are the exact band that should turn up at your wedding. Otherwise, what is the point in viewing a band in the first place?

Let’s get to the point, if you thought it might be the case where the band you booked would not be the band that turns up at your wedding,  WOULD YOU MAKE THE BOOKING IN THE FIRST PLACE?

When you view a wedding band it allows you to make a judgement on whether they are the right or wrong band for your wedding. A Wedding Bands live performance is what helps you make your final decision.

If you are organising your wedding whilst living abroad or can’t make a showcase event, then bands online video, or friends recommendation can be of help. Getting a family member to attend a showcase or public performance is another great option.

The WBA understand that a wedding band can have a change of member.

If a WBA registered band have a change of member the couple will be notified in advance of their wedding about the change.

We do not tolerate a situation where a completely different band turns up on the night of your wedding.

No WBA membered band will operate in this fashion.  We are here to protect you against this kind of practice.

Most, if not all wedding bands in Ireland offer the highest professional standard, especially WBA membered bands and a WBA membered band will only ever perform at one wedding per calendar date.



 We encourage you to book a WBA membered band and if booking a no WBA membered band, be assertive and before paying a security deposit ask some of the important and relevant questions listed below.

  1. “Will this be the band that I get on the night of my wedding? (same musicians including singer)
  2. “Will this band be performing at any other weddings on the same calendar date as my wedding?

You have the given right to ask these questions because you are the one that wants to ensure you get what you booked upon original viewing. Don’t be duped.

NOTE:  Practice & standards vary hugely in the Irish wedding band industry. In some instances, NON-WBA members may operate under one Band name, but perform in multiple locations on the same night, changing up their lineup, their lead singer and their musicians.

The WBA member bands do not operate in this fashion. If you book a wedding band that is a WBA member you are guaranteed the quality of service that you deserve. Visit our “Tips for couples” section HERE



When you see this badge on a bands website then you know they are registered with the Wedding Band Association.

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